The Home of Handmade

Back in 2017 when I first started portside id start by learning all there was to making cosmetics and bath bombs… why ? because I wanted a bath bomb that looked good but most importantly felt good in the water whilst giving me bright colours.

Whilst working a full time job and starting up Portside I continued to invest in the business with new items, products and cosmetic assesments. And when I could I decided to take a creative leap and buy a 3d printer and a vacume former so I could create my own moulds with my very own designs.

Hours is spent at the computer in order to come up with the perfect one of a kind design, once its fully designed its then sent off to my 3d printer where most can take 8-10 hours to print (don’t think of the electric bill… it will be worth it) hundreds of failed attempts later… I found my groove. In how I design and how to 3d print.

Then its off to the former. We use PETG (the most easily recyclable plastic arrond) to form our moulds and all our moulds are fully recycled once they snap (this happens after around 200 bath bombs made with 1 mould)

Want to see us make bath bombs? We started a youtube channel at the start and its still up for people to watch!

All our products are handmade by us (or designed – Enamel pins) even instore, our shelving units are all designed by us and have been made by local Carpenters in Stevenage.