Plum and mulberry shampoo (Purple toning)


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plum and mulberry  is our purple toning shampoo perfect for blond and ashy tones. with the purple toning pigment inside it should brighten up duller areas in your hair.


Our solid shampoo bars are so easy to use and get used too that you think ‘why didn’t I do this sooner?’

packed with jojoba oil, almond oil and argan oil.

how to use our shampoo bars?

rinse your hair like normal and swipe in the centre of your head 5-10 times, pop your shampoo bar down onto a soap dish, and agitate your hair to create a big amount of foam, then rinse out like normal. for ultra clean hair or built up hair product use twice.

always allow your shampoo bar to dry onto a soap dish before putting away , if you put it on a flat surface when it is wet it will stick and you’ll loose half the bar.

perfect for traveling and they do not class as a liquid so you can just pop them in your bag for airports.

each bar should last 3 months depending on amount of use and hair length.


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