Activated Charcoal & Tea Tree


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specialy formulated for faces, our activated charcoal and tea tree essential oil sugar scrub can be used to exfoliate and remove dirty and grease from your skin, with tons of added activated charcoal to help repair pores. perfect addition to your daytime routine

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Our sugar scrubs are a combination of coconut and glycerine soap base mixed with sweet almond oil and kaolin clay to leave your skin feeling silky smooth. with scent that sticks. our gentle exfoliating sugar scrubs are foamy and exfoliating so no need for two products! simply scoop out a bit of the sugar scrub out and exfoliate directly onto your body and the scrub will foam up so you can clean, shave and exfoliate with the same tub! a truly indulgent soaping experience. and once you start your sugar scrub collection…. you wont stop..
All sugar scrubs are Min 230g Net weight, some scrubs may have more or less in due to density of the soap at whipping stage. we will always make sure you get above 230g net weight, as our products are handmade colours can change shade from time to time due to our small handcrafted batch sizes.


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